Tiffany D. Cross

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Meet Tiffany

Tiffany is the Co-Founder, Managing Editor and Curator of The Beat DC, a political platform highlighting the diversity that leads the nation’s capital. Having navigated the Beltway for nearly two decades, Tiffany is the missing voice in the discourse on the politics of today. Her broad experience across media and policy includes roles at CNN and later, the DC Bureau Chief of BET News Department; a Senior Advisor at the National Education Association; and a Communications expert at brilliant corners Research and Strategies with Cornell Belcher. In 2016, Tiffany partnered with an investor and co-founded The Beat DC which has quickly become a go-to resource for Members of Congress, Capitol Hill Senior Staffers, current and former administration officials, CEOs and c-suite executives, foundation heads, members of the media, and tens of thousands of other influencers across the country.

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Tired of the echo chamber that doesn't reflect your voice, your perspective, or offer any information reflective of people who look like you? That's where The Beat DC comes in. Our quick daily rundown highlights the people of color whom are driving policy in the nation's capital and beyond. Get the latest rundown here.

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